Chaos Jig Platnium Glow - NEW GEN 2 COMING SOON

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The Berserker Chaos Jig is uniquely designed with wide edges which creates an insane falling action. This versatile jig can be worked slow with a random erratic action , a flutter fall action,a leaf falling action, all designed to grab maximum attention and trigger a predatory attack response. This chaos causing jig is designed to slay Dhufish, Snapper, Baldchin Groper, Reef fish, Pelagic fish and many more species. 

Product Features

  • Comes rigged with 2 x Super sharp Jigging Hooks with heavy duty kevlar cord

  • Wide edge creating insane action to trigger bite response in predatory fish

  • High quality Japanese style foil designed to capture maximum light reflection

  • Uv glow paint

  • Crystal flasher added to hooks to stimulate bites

  • Versatile jig can be used slow pitch or fast technique

  • 60,100g comes with 3/0 hooks

  • 150,200g comes with 5/0 hooks