Deep Dorado Soft Jigging Vibe BKK

The Berserker Deep Dorado is a world’s first uniquely designed soft vibe based on a baby Mahi Mahi. This soft vibe resembles a small bait fish and with its deep body profile creates an insane vibration action on the lift. The Deep Dorado is designed to be dropped deeper and faster, right into the strike zone.

This soft vibe is made from a patent pending TPE material which is made to be tough and durable. Super stretchy, it is able to take a beating and withstand those toothy critters. The Deep Dorado is a versatile jigging and casting vibe, being much heavier than the traditional vibes it can tackle the largest of the deep bottom reef dwellers but also can be casted a mile to reach those further out pelagic species. This vibe can be fished right out of the packet, fitted with 2 X incredibly strong and sharp BKK Diablo hooks and heavy duty terminals will no doubt bring up the toughest and biggest of fish.

This vibe unlike no other is designed for those jigging specialist who want to target those BIG Reef species such Red Emperor, Nannygai, Dhufish, Mulloway, Snapper and many more bigger demersal. A super versatile lure it can also be casted to targeting those large pelagic such as Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Mackerel. A must have vibe for those targeting those trophies!