The Berserker brand was established by die hard fishermen with a passion for fishing. It is about those individuals who want to get back to their ancestral roots built deep within their DNA, where we were adventure seekers, bringing out our primal hunting instincts and unleashing our inner beast.

When you adopt our Berserker lifestyle you become a part of our large family of fishos, who share in the excitement of adventure, the hunger for the hunt and help each other catch that fish of a lifetime.

Our Motto

Born For Adventure - For those who crave excitement and lust for the next adventure.

Built For Battle - Our gear is like our Fishos, hardened and built to withstand the toughest of battles.

Become The Berserker - Everyone has that inner beast, the state of Berserker is about that feeling adrenaline rushing through your veins, entering the state of excitement and fury, where time slows down as you battle that fish of a lifetime at the end of your line - Becoming the Berserker.

How we work?

Our tackle goes through an extensive research and development phase, developed with unique designs, high strength hooks designs, swim actions, attention to detail and new fish attracting technology, all with the goal to produce highest standard of quality products for our customers.

Why Choose us?

We are a family owned and operated Perth online tackle shop supplying fishing tackle, fishing hooks, fishing jigs Australia wide and Internationally. We believe in the personal touch and looking after our customers that often large corporations overlook.

Our research and development team are always on the lookout, striving to bring you only the latest design trends proven to work, high quality and the hottest products in the world in order to give our fellow fishos an edge on the field.

Check out our latest products to add to your arsenal!

Team Berserker