SHOP - Berserker Kabura Slider Jigs Gen 2

Initially developed by Japanese anglers, the Berserker Kabura Jig Lure also referred to as Tai Kabura Jig, Tai Rubber or Slider Jig is a revolutionary designed fishing lure for Snapper jigging, Dhufish jigging and all demersal bottom jigging.

This lure is designed to target species such as Pink Snapper, Red Snapper, Dhufish, King fish and many other predatory demersal bottom fish species.

The skirts, ties and hooks flutter freely in the current making it irresistible to the fish. The free sliding jig head is uniquely designed to enhance hook up, sliding up the line when the fish is hooked. This eliminating any leverage for the fish to shake off the hook, resulting in a higher hook up rate.

Extensively proven to catch more during low activity making the Berserker Kabura jig a lethal weapon for every angler’s tacklebox.