Jaw Slinger Jig Coral Trout Glow BKK

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The all new Berserker Jaw Slinger Jig a specially designed rear weighted jig producing an incredible erratic action, enticing demersal and pelagic species. This jig can be fished right out of the packet with high quality BKK hooks, terminal and a custom blue glow squid skirt with flasher designed to draw crazy attention!

Product Features

  • Comes rigged with 2 x 3/0 BKK Hooks with heavy duty cord

  • Custom Blue Glow Squid Assist Skirt designed to entice bites in deep water conditions.
  • Rear weighted jig 

  • High quality Japanese style foil designed to capture maximum light reflection

  • Glow blue spots

  • Crystal flasher added to hooks to stimulate bites

  • Versatile jig can be used slow pitch or fast technique