Meathead Hybrid Jig Gen 3 Value Bundle Packs x 4

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Product Features

  • Value pack of 4x Jigs (Colours Selected At Random)
  • Revolutionary hybrid jig/bait system designed to catch Dhufish, Snapper, Baldchin Groper, Reef fish, Pelagic fish and many more species.
  • Uniquely shaped jig head fused between a cylinder/sphere designed to fall rapidly into the strike zone
  • 3 x Super sharp 3/0 Deep V (60,100 grams) - Gen 3
  • 3 x Super sharp 6/0 BKK Deep V (150, 200 grams) - Gen 3
  • 3 x Super sharp 8/0 BKK Deep V (250, 300 grams) - Gen 3
  • Hooks binded by glow thread and tied on 200 lb cord
  • Realistic 3D eyes on a custom painted glow head
  • High quality and long lasting super glow skirt and weighted head
  • Crystal flasher added to skirt providing attention grabbing sparkling light
  • Versatile hybrid jig which is highly effective with or without bait
  • Triple ganged assist hook designed to perfectly present pilchard baits, octopus tentacles, strip baits