Berserker Kabura Slider Jig Gen 2 Value Bundle Packs x 4

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Product Features

  • Value pack of 4 x jigs (mixed colours depending on availability)
  • Japanese technology proven to stimulate more bites
  • High Quality BKK 1/0 double assist hooks (60 and 80 grams)
  • High Quality BKK 2/0 double assist hooks (100 and 120 grams)
  • Diamond reflector for enhanced attention
  • Glow head
  • Realistic 3D eyes
  • Innovative rattling skirt technology effective during murky water conditions
  • High Quality Super thin Silicon skirts designed to mimic flickering waves of prey
  • Specially designed stone shaped head producing unique falling action
  • Designed for Snapper jigging, Dhufish jigging, Dermersal bottom jigging