Berserkergang - Flasher Gang Rigs

The Berserkergang rig is a high performance flasher gang rig system. This saltwater fly system is a fusion between proven effective fly materials and the staple ganged hooks bait presentation method.

This ultimate rig starts with the addition of super attractive flasher to the hooks, designed to waffle, glitter and sparkle in the water column making the bait more lifelike. The unique glow colours will stand out and attract predators within the vicinity, even in low light conditions. The hooks are made from high carbon steel, they are heavy duty and heavy gauged. Being super sharp and strong will be sure to hold, stop and bring up BIG fish.

Berserkergang rig can be used with your favourite baits such as squid, octopus, pilchards or strip baits. They can be used in deeper waters rigged on a paternoster, a snell rig with a small ball sinker, unweighted float lining, on a beach style rig or even as a baitless lure. This versatile rig is designed to catch a variety of species such as Red Emperor, Snapper, Coral Trout, Dhufish, Cods, Kingfish, Mackerel, Mulloway, Tailor and much more...