Send It Casting Metal Lure

The Berserker SEND IT casting lure is a revolutionary casting and jigging lure developed with an insane double jointed swimming action along with a unique flutter when used in vertical jigging.  It is a medium to high-speed spinning lure designed for those beach, rock and offshore anglers.

This metal casting lure is a fresh take on the traditional metal slugs with new added technological enhancements.  The tail hook system is equipped with a 4X Strong treble hook paired up with a glow soft plastic squid and crystal flasher, all creating maximum attention and enticing more strikes!

They come in a variety of sizes to suit all fishing applications such as beach fishing for Tailor and Salmon, Rock fishing for big game pelagic such as Mackerel and Kingfish. It can also be used for offshore fishing casting into big bust ups or trolling for pelagic predators such as Tuna or even used jigging for bottom demersal fish such as Snapper and Dhufish.